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Welcome to Monster Kid's 2003 Fearbook. Because you demanded it, we have gone to monstrous trouble and expense to reprint EVERY feature that appeared in our first three issues and our Holiday Special in one Amazing Colossal issue! These are the the articles our clammy readers clamored for!

There is no truth to the rumor that we are in actuality running behind in our weird web work and that this issue is only a way to divert attention away from our extreme lateness. True, our next exciting creation is taking a few more jolts than we thought to bring to life, but we assure you a nifty new batch of way-out articles, interviews and Monster Kid fun will be oozing across your monitors later this summer.

Until then, enjoy a look back at classic articles from Monster Kid's early issues exactly as originally uploaded back in the golden age of horror webzines.

Monster Kid Mail

MONSTER KID magazine is intended as a fun and affectionate salute to the publications of the 1960s. Part of the look and feel of this site is inspired by the classic monster magazine traditions popularized by James Warren and Forrest J. Ackerman in the original FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and featured in various other magazines of that time. If MONSTER KID makes you recall memories the classic monster magazines of the past, then we are very gratified.

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This Issue's cover:

Elsa Lanchester as
the Monster's Bride
by Kerry Gammill

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Monster's Best Friend
Lon Chaney Jr.'s four-legged friend, Moose.

Return of Tor
The iconic face of the sinister Swede becomes a remarkable new mask. How Lobo can you gobo?

Change of Face
Bring some silver and watch pure-hearted Larry Talbot digitally transform into the Wolf Man before your eyes.

Many Faces of the Wolf Man
Compare the ever-changing faces of Universal's furry fury, The Wolf Man.

Bela's Beards
See Dracula's dimple covered by various facial fuzz.

Dietz's Dungeon 1
Sketchy Things from the graveyard graphite of Frank Dietz's pencils.

Bob Burns Remembers Charles Gemora
Tom Weaver records Bob's memories of Hollywood's all-time greatest screen gorilla.

Monster Bash 2001
Fun fotos from the 2001 Monster Bash convention.

Karloff's Last Act
Bill Warren remembers his visits to the set of the horror king's final films.

Monsters That Never Were
See some famous film monsters they way they might have looked through these unused make-up tests.

The Girl in The Mummy's Hand
An interview with 1940's Universal starlet Peggy Moran

Texas TV Terror
Ft. Worth / Dallas's original Shock Theater horror host, the gruesome Gorgon

Dietz's Dungeon 2
More Sketchy Things from the graveyard graphite of Frank Dietz's pencils.

You Waxed For It!
Madame Tussaud's captures some of horror's most famous horror in wax.

Son of Dracula?
Was Count Alucard really the son of the infamous vampire Count, or the original Count himself? Monster Kid has the answer!

3-D Monster Spree
Grab your red and blue glasses and get ready to duck. Monsters are comin' at ya from the 3rd dimension.

Dietz's Dungeon 3
Still more Sketchy Things from the graveyard graphite of Frank Dietz's pencils.

Abbott and Costello meet The Creature
Ben Chapman recalls the Creature's live TV debut with funnymen Bud and Lou.

Ask Frankie
He sees all and knows all. Don't make another important decision without consulting Frankie the fortune teller.

Metal Monster Mix-up
Test your robot recognition skills with the ultimate space-age spare parts creation.

Desktop Invasion
Make your desktop a deathtop with our exclusive Monster Kid background pics.

Christmas with Plastic Dead Men
What toys of terror did Sandy Claws bring you? Read about a Monster Kid's special Christmas.

Halloween Thing
Bob Burns famous Hollywood Halloween show returns with a visitor from another world.

Inside Darkest Gamula
NEW! Monster Kid's own Count Gamula interviewed by The Monster News.

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