Monster Kid #3

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Frank Dietz's caricatures of classic horror and sci-fi characters and stars have graced the pages of many genre publications as well as in his own awesome series of sketchbooks. Once again it is our pleasure to present another monsterpiece by horror fandom's favorite humor artist. You can check out Frank's latest collection of cartoon creeps by using the link at the bottom of the page.


The picture might be called Four of a Kind. It's a peek at the regular Thursday night poker game at Castle Dracula. If the Mummy shows up it will be a Full House. The Invisible Man was barred from the game for secretly looking at the other players' cards.

Frank Dietz's latest volume of dazzling doodles, THE SKETCHY THINGS SCRAPBOOK is now available. To order the book or other items visit Frank's website.


Abbott & Costello meet The Creature