Monster Kid #3

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Monster Kid proudly presents a special treat for our bi-ocular readers. Sorry, but the Cyclops, the Colossal Beast, George Pal Martians and other creatures with an odd number of eyes can skip this section. From the mad graphics lab of Count Gamula come the Monsters from the 3rd dimension!

Count Gamula being calmed down after discovering the secret of endowing lifeless 2-D monster photographs with depth!

You may have seen some classic horror and sci-fi movies in 3-D such as The Creature from the Black Lagoon, It Came from Outer Space and House of Wax. Though rarely seen in their original form today, these '50s icons were filmed through a stereoscopic process that allowed viewers to experience the movies with the added excitement of seeing characters appear to come right through the screen in three dimensions. Now for the first time, you can thrill to images of other classic characters from your favorite fright films -- the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, The Mummy and more! -- in 3-D! You will need a pair of red and cyan 3-D glasses to view the pictures correctly. Official glasses can be ordered from Monster Kid (see below).

Did we take a stereoscopic camera back in time to capture these dynamic new photos? Was it science or black magic that created the strange visions you are about to witness? Is Count Gamula a mad genius, or does he just have too much time on his hands?

We can't reveal all of our dark secrets. We can only say that we think what you are about to see will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even horrify you. So if you're prepared... put your 3-D glasses on now and proceed to the next page.

For proper viewing place blue lens is over right eye.

3-D glasses are available for $3.00 postpaid. Add $1 for each additional pair requested. Send check or money order to:

Monster Kid
1524 Trammell Dr.
Benbrook, TX 76126

These quality 3-D glasses are the finest we have found. They allow the maximum amount of light through the colored lenes while creating minimum ghosting for he best anaglyphic 3-D effects possible. Order yours today and be the first kid on your block to see the monsters from the 3rd dimension in all their gory glory!