Monster Kid #3

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Monster Kid #3 Contents

On the Cover:

Two Monster Kids of 1967
Kerry and Billy Gammill
pose for the camera after
discovering Warren
Publishing's Dick Smith
Monster Make-up Handbook.


Count Gamula welcomes readers to the third thrill-packed issue.

Letters and pictures from our rabid readers.

Our crack(ed) research department examines the controversial question of the whether or night Count Alucard is the son of Dracula, or is really the Count himself.

Amazing pictures of classic creatures as you've never seen them before. Bring a jar to catch your eyes when they pop out of their sockets.

Frightening Frank Dietz treats monster fans to more of his caricatures from the crypt.

Bud and Lou met the Gill Man on live TV. The Creature himself, Ben Chapman, remembers

Having trouble making important decisions? Let the Frankenstein Monster give you the answers you need to make it through another stressful day.

Okay, robot lovers. Gort presents a puzzle to challenge to show much you really know about the nuts and bolts of the metal men of vintage sci-fi films.

Monster Kid's tips on what's new on CD and video.

Haven't downloaded your exclusive Monster Kid desktop pictures yet? Well what are you waiting for?

Step right up and get your Monster Kid merchandise! Mugs, shirts and more to show the world your Monster Kidosity.

Check out our new selection of CDs. Classic old time radio horror plus interviews with horror stars.

Back issues of everyone's favorite online monster mag.

Some of the best places to get tangled up on the world wide web.

MONSTER KID magazine is intended as a fun and affectionate salute to the publications of the 1960s. Part of the look and feel of this site is inspired by the classic monster magazine traditions popularized by James Warren and Forrest J. Ackerman in the original FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and featured in various other magazines of that time. If MONSTER KID makes you recall memories the classic monster magazines of the past, then we are very gratified..


Monster Kid wishes to extend its Fangs to all the hunchbacked assistants who helped bring this creepy creation to life.
Special Thanks to:
Bob Burns, M. W. Davis, Dan Johnson, Ben Chapman, Frank Dietz, Joe Schovitz, Sam Calvin,Michael Brunas, John Norris, Jason Geyer, Keith Wilson

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Christmas Bonus!

Winter update! We've added a special section for the holidays featuring Monster Toy Memories and a report on the new Bob Burns Halloween Show.


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