Monster Kid #3

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Christmas Update


Welcome to the long-awaited third thrilling issue of Monster Kid Online Magazine! We realize it's been quite a while since the last issue but we hope the fearsome fun we've put together for you this time around will make it worth the wait. One reason for the lengthy delay is the fact that Monster Kid has outgrown the limitations of simple webzine template originally used to create it. The amount of gruesome graphics that could be easily stored and edited with the software provided by our web host has become much too confining for this living, pulsating thing. I consulted Dr. Frankenstein's notebooks for help but, alas, the doctor had done no experiments with html code. There was only one solution. I had to tighten my surgical smock, sharpen my scalpels and stitch the new issue together bit by bit using web software I took from the graves, gallows, etc., etc. After months of trial and error, I have created Monster Kid 3 with my own hands... with my own hands! The results of this mad new experiment may be a little rougher around the edges than my last creations, but the scars are healing nicely. I think it's time to let it into the light.

Monster Kid's board of directors gently encouraging the editor to speed up work on the latest issue.

The contents of the new MK have been boiling in the caldron for quite a while including one feature that I am particularly excited about. Not only does this issue solve the mystery of the Son of Dracula and bring you an exclusive interview with Ben (Creature from the Black lagoon) Chapman, but also in store for Monster Kids of all ages is a mad experiment in the third dimension. For the first time on the web, monsters will actually leap out at you from your computer screen with our amazing 3-D monster Spree! I was tempted to call this issue Monster Kid 3-D, but Jaws III already used that gimmick. MK is not responsible for damage or injuries caused by readers trying to avoid the monsters reaching for them from their monitors.

Also this issue is another terrific terror treat from the poison pencil of Frank Dietz and a mind-melting challenge for fans of mechanical movie men. And don't forget to check out or new mail-order page featuring audio CDs with exclusive cover graphics from Monster Kid. (Hey, we gotta pay for the space somehow. I hear it's not easy to upload web pages by kite during an electrical storm.) Thanks again to our patient readers (mental patient, that is) for waiting so long for this latest edition. Now what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Don't miss the winter update section for our special Christmas features and a report on the new Bob Burns Halloween production, THE THING!.


Special note:

Just as we were going online we learned that Peggy Moran, star of THE MUMMY'S HAND who was interviewed in our last issue, passed away on October 24 as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident two months before. We dedicate this issue of Monster Kid to her.



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