Monster Kid #3

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Who says robots don't like to have fun? Gort may be a super-intelligent indestructible intergalactic policeman with absolute power to squash aggression and destroy planets, but he likes a good game as much as the next artificial being.


Unlike most convention Earth robots, Gort has a body of sleek ultrahigh-tech design constructed of flexible alien metal with few visible moving parts. But in his travels with Klaatu he has observed other metal marvels and discovered that there is quite a bit of variety to his fellow mechanical creations. He tinkered together the unique creation below from the spare parts of his metallic friends who appeared in movies and TV from the '30s through the '60s. How many do you recognize?


Enter the Monster Kid

21 parts from 9 different robots seen in vintage movies, serials and TV shows went into this colossal canned conglomeration to create the ultimate sci-fi robot. Some of them are well known. Others are more obscure. The first 3 readers to correctly identify all the parts and name the films they came from will receive a free Monster Kid CD of the radio version of The Day the Earth Stood Still, compliments of Gort. Good luck!

(void where prohibited by intergalactic law)

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