Monster Kid Online Magazine #5

Another year of the world's most enjoyable gathering of classic monster fan has come and gone and Monster Kid was there. Here are a few memorable images from the 2004 Monster Bash held on June 25-27 in Butler PA.

Legendary monster magazine cover artist Basil Gogos was back again this year with his amazing art.

Lugosi Lives Eternal. And here are two men who have helped the world remember him. Left: Lugosi biographer Arthur Lennig. Right: Richard Sheffield, personal friend of Bela's in the horror star's final years.


Horror prop collector and webmaster Dennis Phelps displays a few rare items from his and friend Robert Taylor's collections. Seen here are the decaying head from THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY created by Dick Smith and pieces from Harry Thomas' alien make-up for KILLERS FROM SPACE.

Below: in honor of guest Dee Ankers-Denning, Dennis brought along Richard Denning's 1957 co-star, THE BLACK SCORPION himself.

Dee Ankers-Denning, daughter of Universal scream queen Evelyn Ankers and '50s sci-fi hero Richard Denning.


Todd Knowlton and Kirk Demarais, the men behind FLIP. Kirk created the acclaimed animated films about a 60's monster fan named Flip for his cool website Secret Fun Spot. Todd and Kirk then brought the Flip to life by producing a live-action short film based on the web toons. The two brought Flips world to the Bash with fun promotional items at '60s prices. Do yourself s favor and order the FLIP DVD from Spooklight Productions today.


I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF and ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE costar Kenny Miller made his first appearance at the Monster Bash this year.

Right: Ygor (Mike Thomas) meets horror host Baron Von Wolfstein.

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