Monster Kid Online Magazine #5

Here's a peek inside the OLD DARK CLUBHOUSE, a very special corner of the Bash
prepared by a group of very special fans for more intimate monster kid gatherings.


Above: The Monster Bash hangs out a special
welcome sign for the Clubhouse members.

Right: Some of the cool Strickfadden-esque
gadgetry that adds atmosphere to the ODCH


An array of familiar monster images line the walls of the Clubhouse.


ODCH regulars Donnie Waddell of Wonderfest and David Colton, founder of the Rondo Awards.

Gary Prange, one of founding members of the Old Dark Clubhouse, snacks and chats with Jim Clatterbaugh, editor of MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT and George Chastain of the popular website E-Gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts


More inspired wall decor in the clubhouse.

From left to right: Kerry Gammill, John Skerchock, Michael Koneful, Todd Knowlton, Harrison Knowlton (Flip's favorite bully) and Larry Underwood discuss how the fundamental truths of life can be gleaned from repeated viewings of Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man.



Larry (Dr. Gangrene) Underwood and possible holographic horror host of the future Ian Underwood.

Monster Bash Chairman Ron Adams (in orange shirt, natch!) with ODCH-ers. Top row: Gary Prange, Kerry Gammill and Joe Busam, bottom row: Todd Livingston and Bob Tinnell (writers of The Black Forest graphic novel) and Donnie Waddell as the Beaver.



The most popular door in the Clubhouse.
(Well, we can dream, can't we?)

Will we see you at the next Monster Bash? Check the Bash site below for deatails about next year's show.

Monster Bash 2005


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