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Monster Kid Online Magazine #5

Welcome to another terror trip into the third dimension courtesy of MONSTER KID! Grab your 3-D specs and look deep into the world of 3-Dementia. Blue lens should be over the right eye for correct viewing.
Need 3-D glasses? E-mail for info.

One of the classic 3-D movies of the '50s, Universal's IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE. This is probably how the producers wished theater patrons could have seen the movie's one-sheet to fully capture the excitement of the 3-D attraction.




Ygor goes electric! Dr. Frankenstein turns up the juice on his custom made amplifier as Ygor belts out that old Hungarian rock 'n' roll song "I Vant to Holdt Your Handt." Years later The Beatles stole both the song and Ygor's haircut.


The king of the monsters thought Tokyo would welcome his return, but he got an icy reception in the 1962 monster battle epic KING KONG VS GODZILLA. After he broke the ice with a few of his atomic breath party tricks, things warmed up quite a bit.


Comic book colorist Tom Smith (whose nickname is "Tor") is a devoted monster fan. This portrait of Tom with his favorite characters was a birthday present from his friend, legendary comics artist George Perez. Thanks to Tom and George for allowing Monster Kid to transform it into 3-D and present it here.


One big ape wasn't enough for Robert Armstrong. He went back for more monkey business in SON OF KONG. Here, he and Helen Mack get their first glimpse of the little Prince who looks embarrassed that they caught him taking a bath.


A tense moment in the George Pal production of WAR OF THE WORLDS. The Martian invaders are going to get a blast out of what the Earthlings have prepared for them. An atomic blast, that is. I hope those are 3-D goggles they're wearing to fight the war. Otherwise they might get flattened.



Don't fear the Reaper? Not good advice if you ask us. Things look pretty grim in this scene from Fritz Lang's silent masterpiece METROPOLIS. Maybe the reaaper wouldn't be so grim if he could just get a little more cowbell.


Bela Lugosi's last days were a sad contrast to the days of his former glory. Unfortunately, unlike the picture of Dorian Gray, Bela aged while this portrait of the once young and dashing actor remained unchanged through the years.

One of Lugosi's dreams was to star in a 3-D, color remake of DRACULA. It didn't happen so we'll have to settle for this picture in Monster
Kid 3-D.



Here's a rare treat for Chaney fans! During the production of Universal's THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME in 1923 several stereoscopic photographs were taken to create sets of stereoscopic photo cards which were sold commercially. They are sought-after collectors' items today but here is your chance to see one of these rare vintage 3-D images. Monster Kid is proud to present this genuine 3-D photograph of the great Lon Chaney as Quasimodo and Patsy Ruth Miller and Esmeralda.

Restoration and anaglyphic conversion by Kerry Gammill.


See you next time for more 3-D Monster fun!