Monster Kid Online Magazine #5

She was known as"The Venezuelan Volcano" but in actuality Burnu Acquanetta was born on an Arapaho Indian reservation in Wyoming. The model turned B-movie actress is best remembered by Universal Horror fans as Paula Dupree, the Ape Woman in CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN (1943) and JUNGLE WOMAN (1944), both part of the SHOCK movie packages released to local TV stations in the late '50s. She also appeared in the Inner Sanctum Mystery DEAD MAN'S EYES with Lon Chaney, Jr. And she is fondly remembered by many '40s film fans for as the leader of a jungle cat cult in the escapist classic TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN.

Acquanetta died August 16, 2004 at age 83 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's. She wasn't known for her acting ability but her sultry beauty has made a lasting impression on generations of movie watchers and Monster Kids.