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Monster Kid Online Magazine #5

"Keep an eye on that Dietz kid!" the Cyclops told me after seeing some of Frank's "Sketchy Things" drawings a few years ago. I told him I'd keep both eyes on him. That may have been the wrong thing to say. After escaping from my cage and sailing back to civilization in a broken Roc egg a few years later, I caught up with Frank Dietz and found he'd gotten even better.

This time Frank helps us say good-bye to one of classic horror's loveliest ladies as he treats us to a pair of beauties and their beasts. Fay Wray recently left us and has entered the realm of legend along with Kong himself. Thankfully, the Creature, Ben Chapman, still walks among us along with his leading lady Julia Adams.


Visit Frank Dietz's website to see more of his work and order his sketchbooks and other items.