Monster Kid Online Magazine #5

One issue of Monster Kid would be terrific. But here is issue FIVE to bring you five times the thrill!

Welcome to the latest installment of that monster blast from the monster past, Monster Kid Online Magazine. They say good things come in small packages. If that's true then this edition must be rotten because it's our biggest issue ever. This time around we've packed our webbed site with more batty monster features than you can shake a stake at. We hope it will be worth the wait for all you classic horror addicts who have been needing a new fix of monster fun. Luckily the establishment still hasn't caught on to these kinds of kicks and Monster Kid Magazine is not a controlled substance yet (at least that's what Dr. Jekyll tells us), so enjoy it while you can.

From Karloff's TV classic THRILLER to the comical creepers of the Three Stooges, there's something for every "body" this issue. Our feature interview this time is with a real monster "kid" beloved by many fans of the flatheaded one. Janet Ann Gallow, now a grandmother, recalls her days as a child actress when she played the little girl who befriended the Frankenstein Monster in THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN.

This issue of Monster Kid is lovingly dedicated to Fay Wray who passed away August 8, 2004. She stole the heart of many a Monster Kid just as she did a certain giant ape's over 70 years ago. Farewell, Fay.
Also in this issue, we remember those scary records of the '70s back when CDs were big and black and had grooves in them. Frank Dietz dazzles us once again with his mad magic pencil and we take another terror trip into the mysterious third dimension. Plus, be sure to check our list of things that can indicate that you just might be a monster kid and enter our Jumbo Monster contest. All this and more awaits you in this issue. So start your fall season off right with Monster Kid Online Magazine, the web site preferred by three out of four Lycanthropes (the fourth one was too busy pulling thorns out of his feet from the way he walked to surf the internet).



On the cover:

Monstrous Martian
invader Ogg (or is it
Zogg?) from THREE
by artist Jim Peavy.
His artwork sends
us into orbit.

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Remembering Boris Karloff's creepy TV series
A look at those Scary Sounds records of the 70s

If Pete Von Sholly ran Aurora plastics here are some model kits that might have been

Farewell to the Ape Woman and the Leopard Woman

The sultans of slapstick vs ghouls and ghosts.
More 3-D pics from classic creature features
The Monster's little friend from Ghost of Frankenstein speaks to MK readers
Another "caricreature" from the sketchpad of Frank Dietz
Jeff Wolfworthy gives you a list of signs that you might might be a Monster Kid
Make-up artist of Superman and the Mole-Men interviewed
Pics from the 2004 Monster Bash convention
Reviews of the latest in releases on the book and video shelves
Unscramble the Giant Monster names and win a free copy of Monster Bash Magazine


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MONSTER KID magazine is intended as a fun and affectionate salute to the publications of the 1960s. Part of the look and feel of this site is inspired by the classic monster magazine traditions popularized by James Warren and Forrest J. Ackerman in the original FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and featured in various other magazines of that time. If MONSTER KID makes you recall memories the classic monster magazines of the past, then we are very gratified..


Special thanks this Issue to:

Jim Peavy, Justin Humphreys, Gordon B. Shriver, Frank Dietz, Pete Von Sholly, Tom Smith, George Perez, Ron Adams, Joe Busam, David Colton, Jim Clatterbaugh, Gary Prange, Brett Weiss, Sam Park, Robert Aragon, Dominic Florentino, Janet Ann Gallow, Michael Brunas, Tom Weaver, Mark Bessenger, Gary Lassin, Kevin Pentecost, Trent Reeve, Brent Seguine and Ron Labbe.

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