Monster Kid Online Magazine #4

Welcome to the latest issue of Monster Kid Online Magazine, the new old monster magazine for the digital age! Again our crew of crack(ed) reporters (shown here) bring you a mixed-up bag of neo-retro features and graphics. Don't let this picture fool you. They all put on their happy faces for this office photo. They keep them in the file cabinet next to the water cooler. If you look closely you can see the staples around the edges. In reality they are quite upset because some people still haven't discovered the coolest, craziest place on the web for classic monster fans. They all worked their skeletons to the bone (well, maybe not Tor) to put together this ooh and aah inspiring issue. So spread the word about Monster Kid and make our staff as happy and cheerful as they look here. Now somebody hand me the staple remover.

Fredric March as Mr. Hyde

Kid #4

On the cover:

Classic Monsters,

Jack Davis
This masterpiece of
monster mayhem first
appeared on the back
of a record jacket
the late 1950s.

colors added by
Kerry Gammill


Monster Kid Mail from letter hackers
Tales from the Crypt, Mad, Topps gum cards, Creepy Magazine, 6-Foot Frankenstein and more. A look at the hilarious horror art of the famous cartoonist and caricaturist, Jack Davis.
Kenny Miller remembers blending monsters and music as he tangled and tangoed with the Teenage Werewolf and the Puppet People.
Remember the cereal endorsed by Eddie Munster's favorite TV personality, Zombo? Now you can have your own box courtesy of Monster Kid.
You begged for more so we're back with a new batch of 3-D monster pics. These are genuine 3-D images painstakingly wrenched from information hidden deep within the frames of classic fright films.
Another "caricreature" from the sketchpad of Frank Dietz
Would you believe Monster Kid Mag inspired a new version of a certain mash? Follow the bouncing eyeball and scream along.
Did you find identify all the parts of the Schitzoid-roid from our last issue? Check the answers to see if you were an invincible iron man of mecha-movie expertise or if you had your tin foiled.
One of the most horrifying moments of the silent screen actually happened twice. See the Phantom's second unmasking and try to unmask the mystery behind the two versions.
Reviews of the latest in releases on the book and video shelves.


Updated 2/16/04

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MONSTER KID magazine is intended as a fun and affectionate salute to the publications of the 1960s. Part of the look and feel of this site is inspired by the classic monster magazine traditions popularized by James Warren and Forrest J. Ackerman in the original FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and featured in various other magazines of that time. If MONSTER KID makes you recall memories the classic monster magazines of the past, then we are very gratified..


Special thanks this Issue to:

Dan Johnson, Kenny Miller, Mike Wallster, David Colton, John Detrich, Joe Riley, Frank Dietz, Tom Weaver, Sam Park, Adam Love, Tim Lindsey, Ernest Farino and Sam Calvin

Created, Edited and designed by Kerry Gammill

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