Monster Kid Online Magazine #4

Okay gang! Grab your official Monster Kid 3-D specs because it's time for another trip beyond the boundries of normal computer graphics into the anaglyphicly amazing and mysterious world of the THIRD DIMENSION! We present a new gallery of genuine 3-D images created by our secret movie scene disection methods. Enjoy.


Did you hear the news, Madge? That crazy Count Gamula is at it again! This time he's bringing 3-D pictures to life by stitching together frames from old dead movie scenes! I tell you, it ain't natural!

Good Lord, Fran! Come on in and have a cup of tea while I light the torches.


She Wolf of London


as it would have looked in stereovision


The Invisible Man wearing his anaglyph goggles is startled by the sight of Una O'Conner in 3-D.



The Mayor of Vasaria always keeps a stereoscopic camera in office to capture 3-D pictures of beautiful female visitors like Baroness Frankenstein.

Below: More 3-D pictures from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN.



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