Monster Kid Online Magazine #4


The Munsters © Universal Pictures

Have Breakfast with THE MUNSTERS.

Hey Kids! Now you can have the same breakfast cereal Eddie Munster eats in your own kitchen cabinet. It's the cereal that brings you your favorite creepy TV host ZOMBO every afternoon...


The creatures stay crisp even
when you drown them in milk!


To create your collectible Crumble Creature Cracker cereal box featuring Zombo, start with any unopened individual-sized Kellogg's cereal box. Next download and print out the Creature Crumble Crackers package art from the link at the bottom of the page. Then cut out the art slightly inside the green outline. Fold the upper and lower flaps inward and fold at the four side corners and place the new label over the original cereal box to check position. Now glue the short side flap to one side of the box and wrap the label around the box as shown and glue the other side flap over down. Last, glue down all the top and bottom flaps making sure all the graphics are visible. Now enjoy being the envy of your fellow Munsters fans by having your own box of Crumble Creature Crackers on your shelf

Crumble Creature Crackers
Spokesperson(?) Zombo

Print out graphics then cut
and fold as shown at left.

Attach to box with glue or
spray-mount as shown below.



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