Monster Kid Online Magazine #4




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In Monster Kid #3 our chrome-domed pal Gort created the ultimate metal monster from parts of 9 classic movie, serial and TV robots and challenged our readers to name them all. Below is a list of the various robots that provided the bits and pieces of our hi-tech hybrid. Did you get them all or did you blow a fuse trying?

Metal Monster
Mixup Parts:

•B-9 - Lost in Space
•Tobor the Great
•Robby - Forbidden Planet *
•The Phantom Creeps
•Dalek - Doctor Who
•Doctor Satan's Robot**
•The Vanishing Shadow
•The Monster and the Ape


* Robby also appeared in The Invisible Boy and made guest appearances in various TV shows.
** Versions of this robot appeared in other Republic serials including Undersea Kingdom and Satan's Satellites.



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