Monster Kid Online Magazine #4

The silent version of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA starring Lon Chaney has a rather complicated history. In addition to changes made after the film was first previewed (which included a new ending) the film was later re-edited for a partial sound release. The version most commonly seen today is a silent edition of the one released to theaters in 1929 with music, sound effects and some new footage added. Ironically, in this version the Phantom's unmasking - one of the most famous scenes in silent screen history - is not the same one originally seen by startled audiences in 1925, but an alternative take. Why Universal used different footage of the scene for the reissue edition is not known for sure. Here, using frames from both versions side by side, is a rare opportunity to see two separate enactments of a famous moment in horror film history.



1925 version

1929 version


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