Monster Kid Online Magazine #7

Welcome once again to Dietz's Dungeon! Eons ago the first artists drew pictures on the walls of their caves. Frank started out the same way but he finally evolved to using paper instead since his mother kept washing his drawings off the walls. For our stop-motion special , Frank gives us one of the reptilian stars of the Harryhausen classic, ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. In his big scene this amiable Allosaurus tried to strike up a conversion with a group of tasty looking shell people. At first he couldn't understand what they were saying, but he soon got the point. Ouch!

Frank Dietz, now two time Rondo Award winner for Artist of the Year, has a new web spot you'll want to check out. It's the Sketchy Things ArtBlog. There you can really get into Frank's head. But be careful. It's dark and spooky in there. Swim on over and see for yourself.
Also visit the official Frank Dietz website where you can purchase Frank's “Sketchy Things” sketchbooks, original drawings and other items.


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