Monster Kid Online Magaine #7

Welcome to another mind-blowing trip into the third dimension courtesy of Count Gamula and his mad Photoshop experiments! Grab your 3-D specs and gaze into the world of 3-Dementia. The cyan lens should be over the right eye for correct viewing.

For our special Stop-Motion issue, we go back to ancient Greece where we see a fitness instructor with his class. Would you believe all these guys used to be overweight? They got slim and trim with daily 18 hour sessions of chasin' Jason. But they really shoulda stopped for a sandwich once in a while. No bones about it!


Here's a blast from the Monster Kid past from issue #3. For depth, there's nothing like going down 20, 000 FATHOMS under the sea. You meet the nicest people down there too. You might even become BEAST friends. But when they come up for a visit.., Look out!

“Talos a story, Daddy” said the Argonauts. So he told them about how
he outsmarted the living statue. It was a matter of brains over bronze.


An overgrown Venusian goes roamin' around Rome. We call him the Ymir, but
after he wrecked their city, we can't even repeat what we heard a Roman column.

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