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Monster Kid Magazine #2


On the Cover:

What Monster Kid wouldn't trade places with Bela Lugosi Jr. in this
picture? On the set of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein young Bela
poses with his dad as Count Dracula and Glenn Strange as the Monster.
(colorization by Kerry Gammill)

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From The Editor

Welcoming comments from Count Gamula


Eeeek! Mail

What's that tapping, tapping at my keyboard? The Raven? Nope, just emails from reader. Quothe the Monster Kids.


Karloff's Last Act

Bill Warren visits the set of Boris Karloff's last movies. What was it like to meet the king of classic horror and watch him perform? Read and find out. Plus, never before published photos!


Monsters That Never Were

Monsters That Never Were Monstrous make-ups that never made it to the movie screen. See early tests for your favorite fiends before they became the frightenigly familiar faces we know and love.


Peggy Moran

60 years ago she escaped the grip of Kharis. Now Universal beauty Peggy Moran "wraps" with interviewer Dominic Florentino.


Texas TV Terror

Monster Kid shines the spotlight on Gorgon the Gruesome who haunted Ft. Worth/Dallas TV screens in the '50s and '60s. Discover one of Shock Theater's greatest horror hosts.


Dietz's Dungeon

Another mirthful masterpiece from the penetrating pencil of Frank Dietz.


You Waxed For It!

From the wax-masters of madame Tussuad's come the most life-like recreations of classic monster characters ever seen.


Video Re-Views

Monster Kid's revolting roving reviewer Pop Ghoul looks at recent DVD releases. This time around it's the films of our favorite Moldy Oldie, The Mummy.


Monster Kid Stuff

Step right up and get your Monster Kid merchandise! Mugs, t-shirts and more to show the world your Monster Kidosity.


Back Issue Dept.

There are still a few copies of Monster Kid #1 that haven't been downloaded yet. Get yours today.



Some of our favorite places to get tangled up on the world wide web.



Monster Kid wishes to extend its fangs and gives special acknowledgment to all the hunch-backed assistants who helped bring this creepy creation to life. Thanks to:

Forrest J. Ackerman, Robert Aragon, Bob Burns, Kathy Burns, Paul Camfield, David Colton, Michael W. Davis, Frank Dietz, Scott Essman, Dominic Florentino, KTVT -TV, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Doug Norwine, Joe (Sorko) Schovitz, Universal Studios, Bill Warren, James Warren and Tom Weaver


This issue of Monster Kid dedicated to the memory of Bill Camfield