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Peggy Moran - The Girl in The Mummy's Hand, part 2

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Did he carry you or did he have a harness?

No, I think he just carried me. And I fainted right away.

Do you remember the costumes?

Oh, the satin nightgown. That's the funniest of all. Here we are in the middle of the desert -- Egypt, aren't we? -- and I go to bed with this all-satin thing!

What about the director? Did he give you any ideas on how to approach the role of Marta, or was that up to you?

That was all up to me. I'd say my line. If I got through the line without stumbling he would say "PRINT IT!" That's the direction I got. I do remember giving an interview on that night after the picture and I said it was probably the worst picture I ever made.

Why did you think that?

Cause I thought it was so amateurish. I don't know, I just thought it was.

(continued below)

Any thoughts to all those Mummy fans out there?

I'd like to say to all the Mummy fans that I think it's so terribly sweet of you, and I'm so very, very pleased that you liked it but, it still was a lousy picture. (Laughs) Well, I am really appreciative of all the Mummy fans. I've found out they're the dearest, sweetest people I've ever met.


Peggy with fellow Mummy hunters Wallace Ford and Dick Foran.

Why do you think that?

Well, Maybe they saw something in me I didn't know I had. You can't help but like people who like something that they think you've done. You want to live up to that, don't you?


What do you think about it now? Looking back, do you still think it looks amateurish?

(Shaking her head yes). When they gave this showing of it and everybody was there I felt like apologizing for it. I wanted to say, "Please forgive me."

But it's such a fun movie.

The last Mummy picture they made (The Mummy Returns [2001]) they had a premier at Universal Studios and they invited me to it. In that movie they have about a hundred Mummy's coming at you. You're not any more involved. They had so many mummies in it. It's more frightening to have one mummy and be afraid of him, than all of them coming at once. You can't get involved. I think it's stupid of them to do it like that.

Why do you think everyone loves THE MUMMY'S HAND?

I've been wondering ever since. People tell me that they saw it when they were five years old.

What time did you have to report to the studio?

Every morning I had to be there at six. Which meant that I got up at five and my mother would fix me health drinks. She'd take one raw egg, orange juice, milk, powdered whole grain or something; you know health food. Then I'd got to the studio and have a quick doughnut and coffee. (Laughs) First they would wash my hair. Everyday you had to have it washed and set the same way to match the other scenes. Then they'd put the makeup on me. And, we would start shooting at eight.


Kharis helps Peggy model her satin nightgown
(standard-issue Egyptian expedition sleepwear
for movie heroines of the 1940s).

I'd like to ask you about art. Is art important?

Oh, I think music and art are the ways God wants us to express ourselves on this plane. You wouldn't have the paintings if you couldn't be on this level, and the music of course. All the arts are expressing this level that we're on.

What defines an artist?

I think to be an artist it means a certain sensitivity, because I believe in evolution. I believe the more sensitive you are the more you draw from this One Mind; which is part of the whole, part of everything. I think we all have that ability to be tuned in, but I think great artists are just more tuned in. One who's expressing God to the fullest, that's an artist.

I'd like to ask you about the artist Robert Aragon.

I think he, right now, is an amazing artist. And, if I were his age I would be in love with him. In fact I'm in love with him now, but it doesn't do me any good. (Laughs)


When not busy acting in movies, the studio sometimes sent its starlets out on modeling assignments. Here pretty Peggy helps sell glassware.

What do you think of the sketch he created for you?

I think it's wonderful! Anybody who looks at it says how amazing it is and he got me so. They say, "You look just like you." Everybody says it's so unreal. Everybody wants one. I've given away most of them, and some people are copying it.

Peggy do you have any last thoughts for the readers?

It's your attitude that counts. Your attitude and your consciousness, that's very important.

A big Monster Kid Thanks to Peggy Moran for spending a little time with us. Special thanks to Robert Aragon and Dominic Florentino for making this interview possible.


Hey Monster Kids! Prints of Robert Aragon's tribute to Peggy Moran signed by the artist and Miss Moran herself are now available! To order or see more of Robert's art visit his website at

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