Monster Kid rises from the grave!

Of course, like any good monster, we weren't really dead, just in a state of suspended animation. But we've been thawed out of our icy tomb and are now terrorizing the countryside once more.

You may notice that this issue is a little leaner than past volumes. But don't worry, monster lovers. We opted for a “less is more” approach. While future issues of Monster Kid may have less content, we plan to bring you more issues on a regular basis. So check back often or get on our mailing list to be alerted to new issues.

Sadly, much of our return issue is devoted to paying tribute to some special personalities who left us earlier this year. Maila Nurmi became an unforgettable icon of the '50s as Vampira, the first TV horror host. Ben Chapman may not have become an unforgettable '50s icon, but he was inside of one. He was the man behind the gills in all above-water scenes of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.

We also take a look at some of the best film score CDs ever recorded for fans of vintage horror films. Orchestration reconstructionist John Morgan and conductor Bill Stromberg have been delighting film music fans for years with their recordings of classic Hollywood scores including the horror film music of Frank Skinner, Hans J. Salter, Max Steiner, Roy Webb and others. Now, along with partner Anna Bonn, they have created Tribute Film Classics which is continuing to release great new recordings of classic film scores. Monster Kid spoke to these three talented musicians about their past work and about what they have in store for soundtrack fans in the future.

Also, make-up wizard Rick Baker gives Monster Kid readers an exclusive looks at his own MONSTER MASH music video that you have to see to believe. Plus there's more 3-D monster fun, another visit to Frank Dietz's Dungeon and reviews of some current products. So thanks for joining us once again as we revert back to those days when we lived and breathed monsters. When we were... the Monster Kids.

On the cover:

The late
Maila Nurmi
as the pin-up
ghoul of the

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The original TV Horror Hostess remembered


John Morgan, Bill Stromberg and Anna Bonn make monster music lovers' dreams come true


Another "caricreature" from the sketchpad of Frank Dietz


Ben Chapman goes to that great lagoon in the sky


More 3-D pics from classic creature features


The World Premier of the music video by make-up genius Rick Baker, Monster Maker


Reviews of the recent books, DVDs and CDs for classic horror fans


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