Monster Kid Online Magazine #6

Welcome to another mind-blowing trip into the third dimension courtesy of Count Gamula and his mad Photoshop experiments! Grab your 3-D specs and gaze into the world of 3-Dementia. The cyan lens should be over the right eye for correct viewing.

There goes that big bully Peter Cushing picking on guys twice his size again. As ex-pirate Captain Clegg in NIGHT CREATURES, Cushing hit this guy so hard he knocked him right out of the picture.


Most ghosts we know are semi-transparent but Kharis seems pretty solid here in THE MUMMY'S GHOST. The high priest must have boiled 3(D) Tana-glyph leaves to give him three dimensional life.

You'd better change the page before he get's to the bottom of that ramp. If The Mummy's Hand gets a grip on you, you may find out just how solid a ghost can be!




What good is a 4D MAN if he's not in 3D?

There's no truth to the rumor that the movie was never shown to anyone for over a year after it was made and that when it finally hit theaters it was a 4D year old virgin.

See you next time for more 3-D Monster fun!

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