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Bob Burns presents

Photo Gallery

All photos on this page courtesy of Bob Burns
and ©2002 Kathryn Indiek except where noted.
All rights reserved.

War of the Worlds star Ann Robinson prepares to face another invader from space. ©2002 Kerry Gammill

Oops, I did it again. 50 years after unleashing a ruthless alien enemy by leaving an electric blanket on, William Self poses with the block of ice that once housed The Thing. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Dr. Carrington (Taylor Schultz) feeds the seedlings in his garden their favorite type of plant food: Type-O. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Left: The big green alien being stalks this famous corridor again. Maybe he's looking for his friend Jack. Usually both Jack and the being stalk. Well, what did you expect from a vegetable? Make-up effects artist Jake Garber recreates James Arness's role of The Thing from Another World. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Actor Daniel Roebuck as Capt. Hendry threatens to sue the Thing for assault. Maybe the Thing should be careful. We hear Dan knows Matlock personally. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

"I wonder if I've carried this THING too far" muses Bob. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Bob Burns Halloween show veteran Rick Baker returns to see the new show on opening night. ©2002 Kerry Gammill

Angus (Phantasm) Scrimm with THING show cast members Dan Roebuck and John Goodwin. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Part of the tireless crew that helped make this year's Halloween show a big success. (clockwise from the bottom) Jodi Hnatyshak, Laura Lee Hardy, Annette Pillow, Rebecca Cline, Dan Roebuck and Mark Shelton. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Mask-maker Joe Riley's new creations have rival collectors Bob and Dan fighting over whose is better. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Capt. Hendry #2, popular Sketchy Things artist Frank Dietz, wishes this Thing was one of his sketchy ones. Then he could just erase it. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Gam and Sam meet the Thing. Monster Kid's Count Gamula and Spooky Sam with a not-so jolly green giant. ©2002 Kathryn Indiek

Bob dreaming up ideas for his next Halloween show.
©2002 Kathryn Indiek

All photos on this page courtesy of Bob Burns
and ©2002 Kathryn Indiek except where noted. All rights reserved.

3-D Christmas Card