Classic Horror Film Boards Member Guidelines

In order for this forum to run smoothly and be as enjoyable for everyone as possible, there are a few rules and guidelines that we ask members to follow. Posts that deviate from these guidelines will be subject to editing or removal by the forum monitors and continued violations could result in a member being banned from the forum. It is our hope that this forum will maintain a certain level of intelligence, courtesy and etiquette and require very little monitoring. This is your forum but in order for it to be a useful, informative and fun place for open discussion we do need a few basic ground rules. Below are our policies on various web forum issues.



This is a very public forum. Please use caution when making comments about any individual, whether a member of this forum or not, which could be considered damaging to their character or reputation. Neither the Classic Horror Film Board nor its administrators can be held responsible for the content of messages posted in this forum. Each individual member is fully responsible for what he or she writes and by posting in the CHFB accepts sole legal responsibility for his or her statements.


Personal Attacks:

Feel free to disagree with another member's opinion all you want, but personal attacks, insults, name-calling and other hurtful responses are unacceptable. Posts containing any such personal attacks toward other members will be removed. It would be nice if everyone with similar interests could get along and interact well, but sadly this is often not the case. Hopefully we can all act responsibly to work out our differences when conflicts come up, but occasionally it may be necessary to remove a member on the basis of his or her overall effect on the forum.



We'd like to keep things PG around here so no obscenities, please. There is a built-in profanity filter that will replace certain words with symbols. Please be creative enough in your choice of words to use acceptable language that will not have to be filtered out. Posts that use alternative spellings to defeat the profanity filter are subject to deletion.


Off Topic Discussions:

Please post messages in the most appropriate subject folder. If your message is horror related but doesn't fit within any of the specific forums, please post it in the General Horror forum. If your message is unrelated to horror, please use the Off Topic forum.


Politics, Religion, etc:

While classic horror fans have many things in common they can still be at opposite ends of the political spectrum and have widely varying beliefs and lifestyles. Because political discussions can quickly escalate into heated arguments which only cause division and quickly turn camaraderie into chaos, we ask that no political subjects will be discussed here. All topics or posts containing specific political comments will be removed without notice in the interest of a more mellow monsterdom.


Posting Images

Feel free to add images to your posts but please keep the number and size of the images reasonably small. Remember it takes much longer for members with dial-up connections to open pages with large graphics.


Images Containing Nudity

In keeping with our PG atmosphere and out of respect for members reading the boards at work or in a family environment, any images containing nudity should be posted as links to the photo with a warning about the contents. Any posts containing photos not appropriate for general viewing will be edited by the moderators to add a link to the photo's location so that members can choose whether or not to open it.



Please keep your personal signature short and simple. Please do not add more than one link to your signature and do not add political statements, advertisements or other messages intended to promote personal causes. We prefer that you do not include pictures to your signature since some members find it repetative and annoying and it can make pages take longer to load.


Multiple Folder Posts:

To avoid confusion and multiple threads on the same topic, please do not post the same message in more than one folder. To spread the same information to members in other folders, please post only short messages directing members to the folder with the original post.


Creating New Topics:

Before creating a new topic in a forum, please attempt to locate a pre-existing folder for that topic. It may exist several pages back in the main subject folder but it will appear on the current page again when a new post is made. There is a search feature in each folder which can help locate old topics.


Subject Thread Titles:

Changing the title of a subject within a thread can cause confusion about what is being discussed and what subject a member is responding to. When posting in an ongoing topic thread, please do not change the name in the subject field unless it is clearly a different but closely related subject. If you want to change the subject significantly, please create a new topic.



Posts about items for sale are allowed as long as they concern classic horror films and related subjects. You may also ad links to Ebay auctions. Please use only the "Classifieds" folder so those not interested in reading ads and sales pitches can easily avoid them. Ads posted in other folders will be removed or moved to the Classifieds folder.


General Nuisance Warning:

Members whose posts tend to be disruptive or annoying to the group on a consistent basis will be banned in the interest of a more rewarding and enjoyable forum.


Grievance Process:

If you feel another member has posted unfair comments or personal attacks against you, please try to avoid making things worse by posting a quick response and continuing the thread. Instead, e-mail one of the moderators, who will review the post or posts in question and take appropriate action.


Post Editing and Deletion:

When warranted, moderators may remove or edit posts which violate the CHFB guidelines in the interest of the entire forum. It is not our desire to censor anyone or stifle freedom of expression, but personal arguments can quickly escalate and do irreparable damage to a community. Post editing and deletions will be done solely at the discretion of the individual moderators. We usually attempt to contact the member and provide an explanation for why a post was altered or removed and will sometimes address the subject in the thread in which it appeared, but lengthy explanations are not always possible or helpful.


Linking to Copyrighted Films or Torrent Sites:

The CHFB respects the rights of studios and artists. The CHFB does not allow links to copyrighted films or torrent sites to be posted on the CHFB. Apart from the obvious legalities involved, the CHFB has a good relationship with the home video departments of various studios and DVD companies. Exceptions are links to films posted on YouTube by the holders of the copyright.


Thank you